With the belief of the importance of design in play group sector, Cemer Kent Ekipmanları San. Tic. A.Ş. completed its studies to establish a design center in December 2016 and established the first private industrial design center of Turkey. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü presented design center certificate to Cemer A.Ş. Chairman Fuat Eroğlu in a ceremony held in the ministry. Design Center has started its activities within the scope of “Law on Support the Research and Development Activities”

Adventure Rope Courses

It is time to try something different to get you out of the house and getting some exercise.High rope courses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to get some exercise, but it could be just the activity you are looking for. Your body will get a full workout, and your mind will thank for it too.

Climbing Wall

high rope courses are a fun and exciting way to get outdoors and get some exercise, someting that many our use lack enough time for in our moern lives. Finding an energetic activity that you actually like todo means that you will not see it as a chore that you have to do, but instead something you genuinely want to do. Your body will benefit from an all-round workout while navigating a high ropes course.

Free Fall Tower

Besides individual satisfaction, negotiating a high ropes course witha group or your team can have some great mental health benefits too. Leadership skills can be realised in someone who never thought they had them and the whole team can learn to trust one another more whn they help one another to conquer their fears.

Skate Parks

They are designed specifically for their users to freely, socialize and improve their abilities. The skating surface of our skateboard platforms are concrete class C40 and the other parts are concrete class C30 . the reğnforcing bar class of our skateboard platforms is St III A.( Natural hardness,high quality steel). A concrete paraffin-based evapoation reducing material is used on the skating surface of our Skateborad platforms. This application increases the surface durability. 40*40*4 brackets are used at the ramp edges of our skateboard platforms.